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Budget Guide

How much will your new home cost? This is an important question to consider when determining what plan fits your style. Knowing how much your dream home will cost will help you along the way modify your plans to meet your budget.

Once you have chosen the right local builder, ask to see homes they have built that are similar in size, quality and features to the plan you are considering. Most builders can tell you how much per square foot they charge. Normally, they can provide an estimate as to what your dream home will cost to build. However, make sure to ask questions along the way, like what all is included in the price.

Other factors that can increase the cost of your dream home are the features you chose. The most expensive areas in a home are usually the bathrooms and the kitchen. The small details in a home can add up quickly so estimate your construction expenses prior to building. Here are some additional things to considers when building your dream home:

  • Size of the Home – Smaller homes tend to cost more per square foot due to the fact that in a larger home the cost of expenses is more spread out.
  • The number of Windows – Windows vary in cost and can be quite expensive if your plan requires a lot of windows.
  • Shape of Home – A rectangular home is usually less expensive to build. If your plan has custom angels or shapes this usually requires more labor and materials which all add up.
  • Site Preparation – Building on a flat site is always more cost effective.
  • Market Conditions – If you are not planning on building your dream home immediately plan on inflation and market conditions to have an effect in your overall budget.

Proper planning can greatly reduce budget overruns. This can occur from overspending on features, encountering unforeseen problems and making changes. The primary purpose of a budget is to understand and control costs. One important thing to keep in mind when building: if it’s not in the contract, you are paying for it! So make sure to chose the right plan for your dream home and build with your budget in mind.