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  • Can the plan we chose be modified?

    All of our home plans can be modified in some way. This is a very common thing. These changes are typically made by your chosen builder, or design professional. However, if the changes are significant, or structural in nature we recommend that you have the plans reviewed by an engineer before beginning construction. This may not be required in your area but it will most likely save you valuable time.

  • What should we anticipate as a per square footage price range?

    Local building codes and requirements may affect construction. The choices you make can also affect the overall cost rather substantially. When deciding on lighting, finishes, and materials in general all will have a significant impact.

  • What areas are included in Total Square Footage calculations?

    All "conditioned" (heated and cooled) living space, except for the basement area, are included in the calculation of total square footage. Measurements are always made to the outside walls of the house. Porches and decks are not included in the totals. In a two-story house, the stairwell is typically measured only once, and is not included in the total for the upper floor.

  • Do you offer plans for people with disabilities?

    All of our plans are suitable for individuals with disabilities. The builder you chose will modify and adapt the home to fit your individual needs.

  • Do your plans come with a materials list?

    Our plans do not include a materials list. Full architectural working drawings, no matter how complete or detailed, never include a materials list. Normally the builder and the materials supplier will compile a list specific to your home and plan.

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    We are usually able to process orders and ship plans the day after we receive them, and sometimes on that same day if we receive your order in the morning unless you have purchased a custom plan. We also offer two-day and overnight shipping by Fed-Ex.

  • What is your refund/exchange policy?

    Since all prints are printed in response to your order, and contain copyright-protected information, we are not able to provide refunds or exchanges. Please be sure to do your homework, and ask as many questions as you need, to ensure that the dream home you're planning to build suits both your needs and your property, prior to making your purchase. We are happy to be of assistance to you in any way we can, by email or phone.

  • Will these home plans meet my local building codes?

    Our house plans have been designed to meet or exceed national building standards at the time they were drawn. Some states, counties and municipalities have their own codes, zoning requirements and building regulations. Before building, contact your local building authorities to make sure you comply with local ordinances and codes, including obtaining any necessary permits or inspections as building progresses.